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Camaro Procar Seat Bracket, Left, 1967-1969

USD 89.99

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  • Fits all Procar seats
  • Made With High Quality Steel
  • Keeps New ProCar Seat Firmly In Place
  • Will Perfectly Replace The Original

The seat bracket on your 1967-1969 Camaro keeps the seat secured and firm, and a flimsy or broken one could cause serious complications while you're driving due to the seat becoming loose


Always trust Rick's Camaros for all your restoration needs at the best price! /p p Note Must be used with Procar seats item numbers 791270, 791252, 791254, 791256, 791258, 791260 /p

Made to the same quality as the seat this bracket is built with high quality steel and will make sure that your seat will stay in its place in your 1967, 1968 or 1969 Camaro while also replacing the original perfectly

Rick's Camaros has the solution for you with a ProCar seat bracket

You've also recently upgraded to a ProCar seat to add that extra flair to your First Gen so you will need a bracket that will fit